Who It’s For

You’re an ace at what you do, and you know it. The only problem is, you don’t consistently deliver your best self. It’s no wonder, frankly. After all, some of what your position requires is tantamount to the Social Olympics — and are you trained for that? Most people aren’t.

Have you ever…

  • felt perfectly prepared for a presentation or negotiation, only to wish the trap door would open up and swallow you away?
  • been unable to eat or sleep properly in advance of an important meeting?
  • come away from an important event, and wished you’d said something completely different?

Sub-optimal performance ranges from complete panic and a choked performance to a more subtle form of under-performing, where delivery just isn’t up to the usual standards.

So what can you do? Train as an Olympian would train. Every legal and business interaction is a high-stakes performance, and deserves to be prepared for as such. That’s where I come in.

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